sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3

There is available a new version: sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3!
sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3 - the latest version
sXe Injected is a software used to prevent many troubles for online games, like Counter Strike - remember classics codes that shoot through walls will shoot without even seeing them and many other tricks.

How to use sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3?

Simple, after installation, you start it before the game, that's all!

sXe Injected problems and errors!

sXe Injected does not generate spam, lag, you do not need to setup your firewall or router (in case you have it). Basically, if your game works, then sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3 will work without problems, otherwise, you need to reconfigure the router, you must setup port forwarding or NAT correctly.

What's new on sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3?

Was solved a problem of compatibility Steam. Just that, nothing more ...

Download sXe Injected 11.8 Fix 3

Download it free here!

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