Easter Greetings

I thought to try to formulate some Easter wishes, especially for the Environmental Protection Agency is preparing a career in IT!

Easter Wishes for CCNA candidate:

Happy Easter, and good health exam, much luck and success in practical tests and simulations to certify scales.

Easter Wishes for MCSA candidate:

Good luck to certification, to have some updated grid, simulations easy to 70-291, electivul lucky to be with you and make you happy Easter.

Easter Wishes for the candidate to MCITP SA (Server Administrator):

Many health, mood, nerve fiber (optical) and stable connection to the 70-640, much luck in the simulation licenses, network access, GPOs and DNS, inspiration and a happy Easter.

Easter Wishes for the candidate to MCITP EA (Enterprise Administrator):

Permanent connection to the 70-640 online for plenty of practice, the simulations luck, to have some updated grid, and pasta to fulfill your dream ...

Easter Greetings to MCITP Database Administrator candidate:

Good luck with the installation, config and permissions sites, maintenance and solutions, troubleshooting and design. Happy Easter!

For the rest ... You need trying to improvise!

Happy Easter!!!

IT Career Start

IT Career Start
I recently learned about a project that proposes four plans to start a career in IT. You can find more detailed opinion here, do not return now, but just want to introduce the start for those who want a career in IT in several ways:
- Cost, because it hurts us all;
- Time, which sometimes can be critical;
- IT market, because there's no use to specialize on what the market does not require (except passions);
- Know-how, including not only the quality of training here, but anything can be used as a tool to prepare for each.

OS Network sites

Hmm ... Many admins dream, but let's see what this implies!

First you need to master the foundation of PCs, the hardware that is to dream, and this can be done by the IT Essentials (just Google it!), Then you have to put up with an operating system designed specifically Computer Networks. For Romania Musa need to master Windows Server 2003, but it does not hurt and even the first certification in Windows Server 2008, that certification will be at least 70-290, 70-291 and 83-640. Then you also need a certificate on the client side where you have three alternatives: XP, Vista and Windows 7. XP is still quite popular, but did not give him more than two years in most companies, Vista ... is the limit, and Windows 7 in size, so I recommend you learn it and take your certification. Ideal is to take as many certifications and get MCSE (messaging, security), go and MCSA, but is recommended to obtain the title of MCITP.

Usually companies and put a linux somewhere in the border area between the Internet and LAN. One of the most common reason is the cost in the viewfinder, so you will need to grasp and learn linux, even administration. LPIC-1 will need to ensure that the certification consists of two exams and proving that one can master Linux, most versions. Later, if you want more, you can opt for LPIC-2, which requires much more knowledge, but is quite heavy and skils as sites are acquired. Is pointless to talk about and LPIC-3? It's too much, I know ...


Another important requirement of the market in Romania, especially abroad, you databases. And I gotta get my certification as a minimum, and my recommendation is to the detriment of SQL 2008 SQL 2005. I spoke with several bidders at job fairs, and all require the latest version of SQL. The more you specialize more in the database the better.


After several Microsoft certifications I noticed that I always hit a problem: the networks. Servers and networks actually have a relationship as close as writing with reading. I do not think you will hire someone without knowing them both.

In the networks would be better to step up to join the courses necessary to obtain CCNA certification. Think that's not enough to put up a network, but you must also secure, so leave the way open for CCNA Security. Also note that a tuned network works better than one that just sits on his feet, and if it is a company, company, institution, which has branches around the country or even abroad, you must be aware that a While over the years, it will come and grab you CCNP.


Even in our country, it starts growing need: virtualization. Do not go into details, just that I recommend you start with VMware Workstation, then VMware Server (maybe Sphere, ESX, etc.). After you master the best you can start with Hyper-V and Citrix. I think if you hold on to this one will do a miracle, only about certifications ... the Hyper-V and Citrix is ​​simply a certification that does not cost very much, but VMware will they do after classes are recognized by a partner, and these cost a fortune. I think that first course cost only 1,300 euros (excluding VAT). Well, if you want to support your certification exams for you, make you feel more confident in what you can, that's another story.

Not need to know more? The more the better, as well as salary.

Cost, time, know-how

If you started to specialize in what I wrote above I think it will easily take five years (about a college and master) and spend a lot of money. That's why I recommend you start in the order above (OS's, databases, networks and virtualization).

A Microsoft certification says you can loose in a month, even next month if I go 10 days dedicated study, 3 days to obtain certification and two for entertainment. It is true that for such a performance must plan your time carefully, learn from home and buy the courses on the net in the form of books or videos (Train Signal, CBT, etc.).

Solve a practical part with a virtualization software, and my recommendation is to start with VMware Workstation, VMware Server later with, and so specialize and virtualization. If the processor your computer has a built-in virtualization technology, you have a minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB recommendations may chair 16 GB) and more and implement a RAID solution (even software), then you will give the guts to Hyper-V Citrix. Not so as you organize your home's lab and begin to put the foundation for virtualization? Bingo!

As networks, unfortunately you have to do courses with an instructor. For CCNA Academy Credis rest because they recommend the cheapest courses, instructors are encyclopedias and equipment are in abundance. More than that: it can also work out on their equipment and will ensure that the other is feeling when you work on a real router or switch, only one simulated with Packet Tracer. Speaking about the simulation, Packet Tracer software will help a lot, but not to the extent that one can GNS3 (just Google it!). Otherwise ... luck and ability to learn.

Other: web programming

Some inclined to the web, and more talented people to programming. I suppose you are aware of such horses as he steps from high school and those who work for various applications for operating systems must dream of C + + and / or Java. And for that you need years of study. Only then is shown to you get the specialization in the field of programming.

Regarding Web efforts are smaller, much smaller ... Mainly you have to put up with HTML, CSS, Java Script, Flash, PHP, XML, databases, and that's all. Ah ... I almost forgot: Linux is based on a website.


LPIC-1 course

LPIC-1 course
Finish in a month (I think) CCNA 4, the last training module intended for obtaining CCNA certification. With some Microsoft certifications, plus I'm going to go and network admin, I have, however, a problem sg Linux. I'm a little alien in terms of handling Linux, and that's why I directed the LPIC-1.

LPIC-1: Junior Level Linux Professional

The first LPIC certification program and is intended to certify that the certification that the new owner can handle the command line, install and configure a Linux system, perform simple maintenance tasks (help out users, add users to the Larger system, backup & restore, basic network troubleshooting, shutdown & reboot).

LPIC-1: Romania

Eh ... big trouble here! Where to follow such a course? I turned to Google and found a few offers, and second of all just thanked me (somewhat):

- One can be found at the Academy Credis, cost 450 lei and is close to me (most important). Do not know what the format is, although I hope that at least CCNA modules similar, if not structured video tutorials, as practiced outside of any training company that respects and appreciates his clients;

- The second offer is Infoacademy, costs 780 lei, that must go through two modules of Linux - (I + II composite LINUX) and ... is close to me. So, I have no idea about the format of the course, but I hope it's something as acceptable as the current requirements ...

LPIC-1: Outside

Abroad find more deals, more intelligently structured, easier to go even cheaper:

- From Train Signal (CompTIA Linux +) offer comprises about modules I and II linux from Infoacademy is a bit expensive (297 dollars), but the benefits are as: lessons in several formats (for learning anytime, anywhere ), instructor notes, plus a lot of questions parctica "practical"

- CBT Nuggets to the cost between 199 and 249 USD (depends on your preference) basically is a little more expensive than the Academy Credis, but cheaper than Infoacademy and the benefits are incomparable;

- VTC to find an offer (actually more), which at first glance it cost 79 pounds, but there is the possibility of paying $ 30 per month or $ 250 a year, but have access to all database and here you can take so many courses, some required to obtain certifications for many different hardware and software technologies: CompTIA, Cisco, Autodesk, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.. The courses are well thought out, focuses more on the theory (and therefore be more practical for individual work more), containing short clips (2-8 minutes), which addresses the entire curriculum in all LPIC-1 and accounts for 7.5 hours training video.

LIPC-1: for what I choose?

Well ... considering that in Romania we need paper as fast (as I know and Linux) and for LPIC-1, we need two exams, I will probably make for the eighth course in Bucharest, and between the two proposals is Academy likely to choose cost Credis conceptually. Later in the second half, change plans, for that I will prepare for certification.

LPIC-1: Certification

We must sustain two exams 101 and 102, each certifying certain authorities. Only then you can brag that you own the LPI level 1 certification. Each exam costs $ 160 (yes, it's more), so you need to remove a total of 320 USD in your pocket if you choose to pay online via credit card, PayPal account, etc.. Examinations are held in authorized testing centers (VUE), I chose ProManagement (there are others), I'll pay them for using the card to avoid paying VAT and other additional charges, and for LPIC-2 most likely I bought the package from VTC for the eighth time I'll pay 30 USD / month or ... maybe you buy the course of CBT Nuggets, considering that they focus more on practice (VTC-tends to the theory).

I hope this information will be useful to someone, and towards the end of the article to appear LPIC-2.

Yahoo Multi Messenger - the latest version

Everyone knows what is Yahoo Multi Messenger and what is good, so do not go into details.

Why use Yahoo Multi Messenger?

For friends, family, along with girlfriend or boyfriend. Why wait on line to login to a single instance of Yahoo Messenger when you can install YMulti Messenger and have all issues solved?

In the event you have got variouse-mail accounts therefore you pick to own the flexibility to speak with every single in the contacts concurrently, this really is truly the instant messaging aid that you just easily try to seek out. Whilst implementing the traditional configuration, Yahoo Messenger only will enable you to function one unique event over the strategy. Y! Multi Messenger can get rid of that limitation by patching this technique inside of of your somewhat speedy way. All you must to do for undertake is to select the Yahoo Multi Messenger file and click on within the "Enable YMulti" button.

Y! Multi Messenger won't fit fears, because it is created especially towards the most up-to-date Yahoo! Messenger versions. It features an extremely modest executable whose put in place normally usually takes only a few seconds. Also, the interface is practically nothing in anyway quite a bit greater than a simple computer screen that allows you to activate or disable the patch which allows the jogging of numerous YM situations.

Beware with YMulti Messenger!

Here I refer to personal privacy. For example I do not think a couple with secrets would have grounds for separation because the life partner will be surprised because YMulti Messenger will reveal secrets. So use it carefully!

How do I install it?

Download a small file, actually an archive of only 1.16 MB, which will run Install.reg file. That's it!

Download Yahoo Multi Messenger!


YMulti Messenger Screenshot:

Download YMulti Messenger