Since February 20, 2011 the team launched DarkForces HardSPL4, which supports all HTC HD2, smartphone known as the HTC Leo.

To install the latest version of HSPL (now it is HardSPL4), all you have to do is close the HTC HD2, then hold the key to reduce volume (volume-down), and will press the power button continuously (key red / bottom right corner of the phone). Wait a few seconds (5 or 10), until You will see a screen with three colors and on white background is written: "Serial". Connect the USB cable from the phone to PC and you will see that on the white background will write "USB". The next step is to download and install it HSPL4 computer, to launch the executable HSPL4.exe and follow the suggested steps. That's all!


What do HSPL4 knows?

To install any version of SPL 1.42.0000, SPL 1.62.0000, SPL 1.66.0000, SPL 2.07.0000, SPL 2.08.0000, SPL 2.10.0000 and SPL 3.03.0000, you must have at least version 1.42.0000 installed in phone. Similarly, it is possible to downgrade to any older SPL version.

Other new features of HSPL4 is providing the possibility of flash any official ROM without using a Gold Card, all commands can be used for boot loader and it does not check NBH signatures, this meaning you can load any unofficial ROMs.

HSPL4 Beware!

First you must make sure your phone battery to be charged at least 50%, and the use HSPL4 (HardSPL4) will expose you to risks that software creators assume only to you, nobody else. I personally used this version of HSPL, but if I not encountered problems, that does not mean I did not run the risk of damaging my HTC HD2 (HTC Leo).

Download HSPL4 (aka HardSPL4)


HSPL4 Screenshot:

HSPL4 - the latest version

HSPL4 - video tutorial:

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