AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

Did you know that AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android has over 100 million downloads? Or did you know that it's number 1 antivirus installed and trusted by android smartphone users?

This software is designed to ensure a high level of privacy for your smartphone protection, even it's 100% free.

Main Features:

- Antivirus Protection: using a large malware signatures database and advanced algorithms for detecting harmful software, it detects and removes viruses, spyware and othe kind of dangerouse software.
- Internet protection: every website and online activity is checked, links status are verified agains phising and other specific threats, downloaded and installed apps are scanned in real-time.
- Improve your smartphone performance: due to the new intelligent algorithms that are monitoring hardware and software performance of your smartphone or tablet, this antivirus will choose when to kill tasks, safe your battery power, to monitor your data usage and internal/external memory storage.
- Anti-Teft protection: in case your device is stolen or you lost it, then you can track it, lock, or wipe your memory storage.
- Block unwanted calls & text messages: with the help of a blacklist for phone numbers, you can block unwanted calls. Also suspicious text messages are blocked by a real-time monitoring function.

More features are available for AVG AntiVirus PRO: App Backup, Camera Trap, SIM Lock, App Locker, and you have no banner ads.

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AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android