Android Gingerbread HD2 2.3.4 Nexus (V2.8 NAND)

Currently I use a gingerbread Android. It is the latest version: 2.3.4 gingerbread.

Is only 85.27 MB and it can be installed directly into the phone's internal memory (NAND installation). Look here how to do, especially for this version: V2.8,


What's new at Nexus HD2 Gingerbread Android 2.3.4?

Launched on June 28, 2011, this is a clean ROM, stable and fast, based on source code for Nexus One (AOSP gingerbread), which was subsequently optimized for HTC HD2.
Meanwhile, the old version (v2.7 NAND), were made the following changes:
Was added an FM Radio - (my opinion is that it's hard to handle), were included,,, (useless because all are problems in volume) was removed for MAGLDR and have made some updates: from old versions of Google Maps v5.6.0, Facebook v1.6.0, v2.0.3 Twitter, superuser v2.3.6.3, v2.3.2 binary su-EFGH.

How much resorces is eating gingerbread HD2 Android 2.3.4 Nexus (NAND V2.8)?

After installation you will see that you have around 200-230 MB free in the smartphone's internal memory and about 270-300 MB of RAM available.

What problems occur after installing the HTC HD2?

During the installation you need to have the battery charged at least 50%, although I recommend you have it full. Then, as you install more and more applications that need internet connection and will run in the background ... will have large and unpleasant surprise to see that the battery will take very little. So be careful how you set the phone and internet connection to allow applications in the background.

Download Nexus HD2 Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 (V2.8 NAND)


Nexus Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 for HD2 screenshots:

Nexus Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 for HD2Android Gingerbread 2.3.4

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