MAGLDR is a boot loader that will help you load into Your smartphone, HTC HD2 (Leo HTC), the Android OS, even the your phone have installed Windows Mobile 6.5 or 7.

MAGLDR 1.13 continue to install (separately) without affecting OSPL / HSPL of your smartphone just to not have problems installing or uninstalling MAGLDR's boot loader.

What's new at MAGLDR 1.13?

First, the new MAGLDR comes with support for both HTC HD2, ie Leo1024 and Leo512 and then it have solved a few known bugs in previous versions, for example to solve the power problem with "GO GO GO" from MAGLDR 1.11, WPH support was added along with the release of 1.12 version, and with MAGLDR 1.13 appeared AD Recovery option. In addition, such problems rarely seen in previous versions resolved USBMassStorage bug related to the transfer of large files, really ... I do not think because I attempt to transfer a file on the microSD card of about 250MB without success. Another bug I met at MAGLDR 1.13 is unsuccessful return to menus and another one is the phone Power button does not always resume the parent menu when you enter, let's say, in the boot menu. Finally, the more likely such problems will be solved in next versions.

How do I install MAGLDR 1.13?

Simple, as in HSPL4 (HardSPL4), all have to do is close the phone, then continuously and simultaneously press the key volume-down and power (Power) of the smartphone. Hold a few seconds until the screen appears with three colors, like red, green and blue. Then connect the USB cable from PC to phone and you will see that the white background of the message "Serial" changes to "USB."

The second step consists of downloading the archive MAGLDR 1.13, and launch DAF.exe file. All you have to do is carefully follow the steps that will guide the program will start immediately. And ready, that's all! Next time you reboot the phone just keep continually press the Power (5-10 seconds) and will face traversing menus made of MAGLDR 1.13.

Problems or errors with MAGLDR 1.13

Note that you must have HardSPL 2.08 installed. If you do not have or do not know, read this article. Pay attention that you need a ROM that supports 576 MB of RAM, so it does not hurt to make sure by following the program launched by ROMUpdateUtility.exe (you can find it in the archive MAGLDR 1.13). Update your phone is by bringing in the same condition as when installing MAGLDR 1.13 - see launch DAF.exe, you reminded?

Beware with MAGLDR 1.13!

Installation of MAGLDR 1.13, as previous versions, did not entail any guarantee from the manufacturer or someone else. You do it with the risk of damaging your smartphone! Personally, although I installed several versions of MAGLDR, I never encountered any problems yet, but remember that there are risks. Think well!

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