How to install Android on HTC HD2?

Very simple! Actually I just summarize all to only two NAND versions: by flashing and via the microSD card.
NAND installation means you are going to install Android directly inside smartphone internal memory, not on microSD card. That will replace the current Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional with Android. Here's how to do it!


Mandatory requirements for installing Android for HTC HD2!

You need to change the original OSPL / HSPL of smartphone to SPL 2.08.000 (with HSPL4) followed by installation of MAGLDR 1.13. I have put links in the previous sentence so get down to work (installation) if you do not know what it is. If the two steps are not resolved then you will not be able to install any version of Android on HTC HD2 (HTC LEO).

Install Android on HTC HD2 (LEO) by SD

It's easy! Just copy on the microSD card in smartphone that file:! Recommended is to have the card blank, freshly formatted (FAT32) and if it can be even 4GB. After you have copied it, you need to close the phone and (after) hold down the Power key continuously until you enter the menu MAGLDR 1.13. Then go to AD Recovery option, just wait, then choose install from sd card zip. How you choose OK or it's equivalent? By clicking (once) the key response to telephone calls. After making these steps you must choose the archive (.zip = you have already made sure to copy on your smartphone. After that just wait and you see the message All done! (Or equivalent), that were extracted and copied files to the HTC HD2 memory, all that remains is to exit the menu (by pressing the Power - one at a time) from the main menu and select Power Down. After that you have to start the phone by pressing the Power key briefly and let it install Android version 2.3.4. (5-20 minutes) That's all! However, this is the Android version that I have on my smartphone, after I tested (installed)... think about ... 7? 8? maybe 10? versions of Android.

Install Android on HTC LEO by flashing

First enter the menu of MAGLDR 1.13 and choose USB Flasher. Then you need this file: DFT_LEO_NAND_Android.rar. After you've downloaded it into your the PC open the archive, click on the file (DAF.exe) and follow strictly the steps recommended by the program. That's all! Success! ...

Attention to install Android on HTC LEO (HD2)!

Make sure that the smartphone battery to be charged at least 50% before starting the installation procedure. Remember that you are subject to risks when you choose to put Android on HTC HD2, and they include at least the loss of warranty and / or risk damaging your phone. Think several times before installing Android on HTC HD2.

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