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With Nero 9 Free you can write / copy data CDs and DVDs.
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Nero has become the most famous name in software for writing or copying the data on optical media: CDs and DVDs. I do not think exist any PC user in the world that do not used it at least once. The simplicity and high degree of intuitive, given the Nero 9 Free, specifically version, the software keeps on users top choices in programs for burning CDs and DVDs countries, especially the process of copying information is summarized two steps: loading files and "burn" the disc.

Minimum System Requirements Nero 9 Free

A newer version than Internet Explorer 6.0, 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent AMD processors for Windows XP, 2 GHz or equivalent AMD processors for Windows Vista; 256 MB RAM for Windows XP or 512 MB ​​RAM for Windows Vista; 270MB free HDD space for XP and 500 MB for Vista; optical drive for writing CDs or DVDs; at least DirectX 9; at least 32 MB graphics card and minimum resolution of 800 x 600.

What's new?

Projects "Continue MULTISESSION" are displayed at the correct size, also when using the option "Save Tracks" this time is the actual volume indicated.

Beware of Nero 9 Free!

During installation you will notice that Nero 9 Free tries to change the default web search engine, instead giving you an alternative installation of the ASK toolbar.


This software is marked as freeware and is ad supported!

Download Nero 9 Free


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