LibreOffice - Review

The most popular free office suite is known as OpenOffice, and the most known popular suite for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, databases and other office specific applications is Microsoft Office.

But a less popular software perform the same tasks with a great rate of success, usually without bugs. It's named LibreOffice, and was developed from a framework of OpenOffice.


LibreOffice is an easy to use suite with very similar features like OpenOffice, it's 100% free, it has availability for many languages and offers you high quality services, very stable, without many bugs. Also, it's compatible with the most important competitors in the world in the file formats filed.

Among LibreOffice's features can be listed: Writer (it is LibreOffice's word processor), Calc (you can perform advanced calculation formulas and very complicated tasks), Impress (was designed for presentations), Draw (it allows you to create diagrams or even 3D illustrations), Base (it's a database management application that can successfully integrate with many popular databases management software, like MySQl, Ms Access and more), and Math (that is a simple math, chemical, scientific calculator that allows you to perform even advanced calculations).

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, and Microsoft Windows 8;
CPU: Intep Pentium or similar processor;
RAM: 512MB;
Resolution: 1024X768;
HDD: 1.5 GB available space.


You can try this software for free.

Download LibreOfficel:



Camtasia Studio 8 - review

The vendor of this software is called TechSmith, and it began famouse in the last years among many amateur video editors.

How to use Camtasia Studio?

It's more than a screen recorder or a basicaly video editing program! It offers high quality services and many advanced features to do professional tasks over many types of video files.

With this software you can perform advanced editing tasks, like professional editors, and its interface is very easy to use. You can generate many multimedia formats, or interactive content and produce high quality videos for your audience.


It's a trial software that can be installed and used with limitations up to 30 days, and if you want more (features ant time to use it), you need to buy a license!

My opinion

Personaly, I tried the trial version of Camtasia Studio software, and I was very satisfied related to its intuitive interface, and advanced functions for editing the video and audio files. I used it very easy for features like bluring areas, callouts, cutting, presentations, modifying the audio line, produceing and sharing high quality video files.

Anyway, before buying Camtasia Studio I recommend you to try the trial version, and after that you'll be able to take the right decision!


Camtasia Studio - review


A few weeks ago I was searching for a software to allow me to burn an img file on a DVD and I was surprized to find that this program is free.

What knows to do?

With this software program you can do many tasks, like writing an image file to a disc, write files or folders to a media disc, creating an image file from a disc, create an image file from many files or folders, to check the final result of a disc, or to discover the written data.

How to use it?

It's very simple. Actually, the GUI is very intuitive, and even a child would know how to use this free image burning software. So, just download, install ImgBurn, and launch the program!


It is a freeware software!

Download ImgBurn


ImgBurn screenshots:

free image burning software - imgburn

iTunes - Review

iTunes is an app made by Apple that offers you the possibility to manage, use and store digital video and music on your personal computer.

With iTunes Player you can enjoy many features, like Browse (which allows you to perform many differetd searches in your collections of digital multimedia content), Organize (this feature helps you to manage your files and keep your all collections in one place), Play (that offers you the possiblity to use multimedia files), and Genius feature, that can perform advanced and personalized selections for your multimedia preferences.

iTunes Store is offering almost all multimedia content you could imagine to have in your Apple device, so, you can enjoy by  music, movies, TV shows, books, podacsts, gift cards, and more over, with iCloud feature, you can get anywhere you have an Wi-Fi connection, any multimedia file, also it is offering you many specific functions that will help you in your day to day activities. Also, with the help of iTunes Match, the iCloud can import your entire multimedia collections for less than $25. More over, iTunes combined iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and Aple TV offers inimaginable experiences.

Download iTunes


iTunes screencapture:

iTunes video tutorial:

ClockworkMod Recovery 1.3

If you need to perform special tasks on the popular smartphone HTC HD2, then you will need ClockworkMod Recovery, also known as CWM.

I'm writing about tasks like installing a new or another mobile operating system, wiping different storage memories or creating many partion formats over an SD card.

Before beginning to install ClockworkMod Recovery, you need to take in consideration that exist three kind of partition sizes: 150MB, 250MB and 400MB. So, you need to carefully select the proper version for the size of your next mobile OS you need to install.

Download ClockworkMod Recovery 1.3

CWM for 150MB Partition
CWM for 250MB Partition
CWM for 400MB Partition

ClockworkMod Recovery screenshot:

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery - video tutorial: