Microsoft certification fees increase

Bad news!
From July 1 tax increase for Microsoft certifications. In Romania, for a college or university or students enrolled in a certification program or obtaining a specific degree, the fee will increase from 30 to 44 dollars, and for the remaining 50 to $ 80 (ie more than 25%). Why? The reason is ridiculous:
The price increase for select Microsoft Certification exams reflects the significant value that our certifications provide to our customers and our continual investment in new and enhanced Microsoft Certifications and other program improvements.
The new fee structure enables Microsoft to improve the Microsoft Certification program. Examples of proposed improvements include new Microsoft Certifications, new question types, frequent updates to certification exams, improved exam security, and driving adoption of Microsoft Certification by accrediting bodies across the world.
All of these changes reflect Microsoft’s continuing commitment to provide greater value to its customers through the Microsoft Certification program.


Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), Microsoft Certified Master (MCM), and Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA).

If you want to know detail, the country, the rates from 1 July 2011, visit this link!