Top 3 AI Assistant Apps for iOS in 2024

In 2024, AI assistants on iOS devices have become more than just digital butlers. They're powerful tools that can streamline your workflow, enhance your creativity, and become an extension of yourself. But with a growing number of options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This article explores the top 3 AI assistant apps for iOS in 2024, highlighting their strengths and guiding you towards the best fit for your needs.

1. Microsoft Copilot (Formerly Bing Chat)

Microsoft Copilot, the evolution of Bing Chat, leverages the powerhouse of GPT-4 for text generation and DALL-E 3 for image creation. This translates to an AI assistant that excels in both productivity and creative tasks.


  • Master of Text: Need a compelling email, a well-structured presentation, or even a creative story idea? Copilot can generate different writing styles to fit your needs.
  • AI Art for Everyone: Unleash your inner artist with DALL-E 3 integration. Describe your vision in detail, and Copilot will generate stunning images that bring your ideas to life.
  • Planning Powerhouse: From booking flights and accommodation to suggesting personalized itineraries, Copilot can help you plan your dream vacation.
  • Foodie Fun: Stuck in a recipe rut? Copilot can generate new recipes based on your preferences and dietary restrictions.


  • Learning Curve: Copilot's extensive capabilities can be overwhelming for new users. Spending some time exploring its features is essential to unlock its full potential.
  • Microsoft Integration: While Copilot works seamlessly with other Microsoft products, integration with non-Microsoft apps might be less smooth.

Who is it for?

Creative professionals, busy individuals seeking a multi-faceted assistant, and anyone who wants to explore the potential of AI for both productivity and creative endeavors.

2. Elephas: The AI-Powered Keyboard Revolution

Elephas takes a unique approach, integrating its AI directly into your iOS keyboard. This makes it a powerful and discreet assistant that's always at your fingertips.


  • Effortless Summarization: Don't have time to read a long document? Elephas can analyze it and provide you with a concise summary, saving you precious time.
  • Real-Time Translation: Break down language barriers on the go with real-time translation powered by cutting-edge AI models.
  • VoiceOver Magic: Elephas can transform your text into professional-sounding voiceovers, perfect for presentations or creating engaging video content.


  • Limited Scope: Compared to Copilot, Elephas focuses primarily on keyboard-based tasks. While powerful, it might not be suitable for users seeking a more comprehensive virtual assistant experience.
  • Subscription Model: Elephas offers a freemium model with limited features. To unlock its full potential, a subscription fee is required.

Who is it for?

Busy professionals who spend a lot of time typing, multilingual users who need real-time translation, and content creators who require high-quality voiceovers.

3. Apple's Siri: The Familiar Friend with New Tricks

Siri, the built-in virtual assistant on iOS devices, has come a long way. While it might not boast the same level of AI sophistication as Copilot or Elephas, Siri remains a reliable and familiar option for many iPhone users.


  • Seamless Integration: Siri is deeply integrated into the iOS ecosystem, allowing for effortless control of your device, from making calls and sending messages to setting reminders and controlling smart home devices.
  • Privacy Focus: Apple prioritizes user privacy, and Siri operates within strict guidelines to protect your data.


  • Limited Functionality: Compared to more advanced AI assistants, Siri's capabilities can feel restricted. Its creative functions are minimal, and task automation options are less robust.
  • Accuracy Issues: While Siri has improved, occasional misinterpretations of your requests can still occur.

Who is it for?

Users who prioritize a familiar and privacy-focused experience and primarily rely on basic virtual assistant functionalities. Siri excels at handling everyday tasks and integrates flawlessly with the iOS ecosystem.

Choosing the Right AI Assistant:

The best AI assistant for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide:

  • For the Multitasker: Microsoft Copilot offers a powerful blend of productivity and creative tools.
  • For the Keyboard Maestro: Elephas seamlessly integrates with your typing workflow, boosting efficiency.
  • For the Apple Fan: Siri prioritizes user privacy and offers a familiar, well-integrated iOS experience.

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