Winamp 5.62

Winamp 5.62 enjoys a long tradition in audio player s, since its inception managed to take a good part of all PC users.
Winamp 5.62 download the latest version
Once time has passed, and increased user demands, Winamp constantly kept pace with their needs and demands, so now we can not say that Winamp is just an audio palyer that has expanded so much functionality in the plan accessing multimedia content, today that the main advance of the player compared to other software in the industry, consists of services streamig - I think you are more than familiar features access to the main radio and TV stations worldwide.
United States, but most people hope that soon will access programs.

What knows Winamp 5.62?

Current playing song, video, radio / TV and photos; support for iPod, play and manage music on your device, online radio services AOL are based on the CBS radio station, with Winamp OrglerTM you can watch, introduce share-ui history of Winamp, you benefit from expanded video support for Flash, you can automatically update information about songs, improved playback of music on the Web and easy access media content from a distance (remote), and last but not least now you can take and view images on the album.

What's New in Winamp 5.62?

* Wireless synchronization with desktop via the Winamp installed on Android OS;
* Import option for iTunes;
* Module underwent a major review podcast;
* Player supports Windows 7 by including player controls on the taskbar;
* Winamp 5.62 is available in 16 languages ​​(Romanian inclisiv);
* Has improved generator playlists;
* The toolbar and its control and may be made directly from the browser.

Download Winamp 5.62

You can download it free here!

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