Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition 2019 - Review

If you are looking for free antivirus with excellent protection, you may want to consider to install Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition on your PC. This free antivirus is solid and it offers a feature which you hardly find in other free antiviruses, the ultra-quick 60 second scan. But here I would like to review a thing or two about its pros and cons.

It has protective AutoPilot which always adjusts the defenses based on your PC’s activities. However, the Full Scan feature is slow. Some users might want to leave their PC for a while until the scanning done.

Like most credible antivirus applications, Bitdefender Free edition uses advanced database of malware signatures. It updates its database on daily basis, representing the creator teams seriousness in developing this antivirus. Regarding to these days threats, Bit Defender antivirus engine also works like crazy. It constantly monitors the software behavior to determine which strange items pose a harmful threat for our PC.

Bitdefender has cool instant-scan button on the main window so that you can operate the antivirus easily. You can scan your PC with one single click. Beside the Quick Scan and Full Scan feature, you can also download 60-Second Virus Scanner, which is separatedly installed. This feature focuses on security concerns and take less time to finish the work.

Bitdefender may lacks of home network scanner feature, but the users can set the antivirus up to scan connected storage devices. And I think that’s what makes all PCs safe from intruders. Bitdefender is very cautious antivirus which protects us from the threats we possibly can get from Facebook friends. It keeps monitoring social networking activities.

Just like other antivirus, I would like to review its performance and the system’s impact. Among the free edition antiviruses that I’ve ever tried, Bitdefender performs the longest time to complete full system scan, by far. But it is not a big deal for me since I can schedule full scans for the middle of the night, the morning I wake up my PC has been safe from viruses and malwares. However, it can put a big deal when you hit full scan button in the middle of the day.

Installing Bitdefender is pretty simple and easy. After downloading 3 mb installed, you will need to create an account and enter your license number in the MySubscription page. But you do not need to fill it if you try it for free.

Bitdefender Antivirus free edition indeed offers excellent malware and virus protection. But it does not have the feature if you want to make a quick full scan.

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Bit Defender Antivirus Free Edition

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Panda Free Antivirus 2019 - Review

It has been around for a while and a lot of PC users have been relying to the Antivirus not only because its free services, but also the professional protection offered by it.

Speaking about running the scans with Panda Free Antivirus, it is fair to state that it has little impact on system resources. Depending on the PC specs, the scanning activity may affects your PC’s ability to multi-task. I have tested Panda Free Antivirus on my PC with spec: Intel dual-core, 2GB RAM, windows 7. Then I tried to operate the Full scan and wanted to see what happened if I open my Chrome. Well, the result was pretty good. It was opened in under 3 secs during the full scans. Other lighter apps were opened almost instantly.

Panda Free Antivirus offers more than just an average antivirus and malware removal tool. It does not affect the overall activities of your PC. I like the user interface which is familiar and easy to navigate.

To install Panda Free Antivirus, you don’t have to be a PC geek to make the process success. It is pretty simple and easy. But you may want to mind about the options. For full protection, you will need to check Security Toolbar. Then you need to pay attention to its offer to set Yahoo as default search provider. If you think that you are annoyed with it, don’t check it. Of course, the bundles like these are always offered when you install something for free.

A full scan on my PC spec took about an hour and 20 minutes to finish. It is much faster than I tried on Bitdefender antivirus. Talking about antivirus database, I think it is not different with the Paid version. The results should be valid. Panda Free Antivirus received VB100 certification which convinces me that this free edition deserves the hot spot in the best Free antivirus list.

Panda is also an effective malware blocking. I have run some tests on my PC. I opened some harmful websites up and Panda did a great job to tackle every malware trying to intrude to my PC. Its total protection amazed me. Then I injected some malware to my PC, it took about 5 minutes until Panda Free antivirus wiped all of them.

Some of bonus features are given for free in this version. The Toolbar Cleaner, for instance, can get rid of toolbars you don’t want to show in your system. It also includes clearing browsing data feature. These bonuses come in handy for those who do not know the complicated commands in most recent browsers. In some trusted review sites, Panda Free Antivirus blocks more malicious malware than Kaspersky. That is insanely good for free antivirus version. Though it is true that you will get better protection from paid version, Panda Free Antivirus is a good start to protect your PC 100%.

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