Opera Mini 6 for iPad

Opera Mini 6 for iPad tablet
Opera Mini has reached version 6, has undergone many changes and was eagerly awaited by many users of iPad, iPhone and iPod.


What's New in Opera Mini 6 for iPad, iPhone and iPod?

Design has changed, now Opera Mini browser has a completely new look; have included some special effects in terms of zoom; it supports the retina display of iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2, data traffic is 90% compressed for reasons of speed and cost; to the community was included the option for sharing Twtter, Facebook and My Opera; opening new pages can be done in the background; was improved support for Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese and other non-Latin languages​​.

Minimum requirements for Opera Mini 6

Can be installed on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad 2 and must have at least IOS version 3.0 installed.

Download Opera Mini for iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone and iPod 4

Download here!
Download Opera Mini 6.1 (. Jad) for unlocked iPhone 4 and iPad.

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