Hotspot Shield Review

It is a free vpn client, utility tool, that supplements security for your smartphone, tablet or PC, providing safe internet connections, for wireless internet, but also, for wired internet.

Hotspot Shield protects your overall online browsing instances; it is safe guarding your links at both equally your own home and public internet connections (both of those wired and also wireless). It safeguards your privacy by making certain that every one internet transactions (procuring, submitting sorts, downloads available) are guarded by HTTPS. Hotspot Shield additionally helps make you personal on-line creating your id invisible to 3rd parties like web-sites and Internet Service Providers.

Also, it's a true free VPN software - virtual private network, it guards you on the internet and enables you to entry the knowledge you will need. Accessibility blocked expert services like Fb, YouTube, Twitter, etc. in nations around the world or venues the place the online market place is censored. Retain hackers from stealing particular information and facts though buyers are searching the online market place in community areas. Also it's a very practical and efficient security tool, when you use wireless internet, especially when you're in public areas, that offers free wireless internet.

Hotspot Shield keeps your data privacy, protecting you from hackers, so that, data transfer will be made in a safe environment, private conversations, bank accounts or other personal informations can't be accessed by someone.

Key Features:

- it secures internet browsing using encryption HTTPSC;
- your IP address is kept private to offer you a service for browsing the Internet anonymously;
- it’s an additional application for Windows, efficient for wireless and, also for, wired internet;
- ensures your data and information, hiding your IP address, providing a confidential and carefree internet browsing;
- provides protection whenever, internet access it’s done through public Wi-Fi hotspot
(in places such as: airports, hotels, corporate offices);
- lets you access to all web content without restrictions (you can access websites that limit visitors from certain countries);
- it's very stable and prevents many errors, such as vpn error 720 and/or vpn error 619
- instead trying to compare this software, such as vpn vs proxy, you should know that you have both sollution embeded in a single one.

The downsides of Hotspot Shield security tool:

- during installation, other programs and browser toolbars are offered optional, but they are unnecessary;
- you are invaded by advertisements, although you haven’t opted to install the extra applications, ads will be haunting you, appearing in any browser and any website;
- blocks google and leads you to another search engine.


Despite the annoying parts, Hotspot Shield is a great security tool and it’s free, so you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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