Opera 11.51

On August 31, 2011 was released Opera 11.51.
Opera 11.51

Opera is a browser for surfing the web mainly, and other services related to plugins, privacy, security, social networking, multimedia, etc..

What's new in Opera 5.11?

With Opera 11.51, the browser was endowed, at least improved, with new properties, mainly related to:
- real-time services;
- synchronization and security of passwords via Opera Link for them to be available on any PCs that only you use these;
- easy plugins installation - this time as quickly Opera 11.51 detects plugins that are missing when you visit a site, so you can install plugins with a few clicks, without having to restart the browser;
- quickly and efficiently - by implementing an engine on which there have made important changes, including elimination of thousands of issues aimed at the stability of the old versions.

Other changes aimed to Opera 11.51 are related to minor adjustments on the interface, display, scripting, mail, news, chat, network and security.

Minimum requirements for Opera 11.51

Like recent versions here are available the same system requirements:
- Intel Pentium II (or equivalent);
- Windows 2000 (recommended Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7);
- 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended);
- 20 MB (recommended 100) free space on HDD.

Download Opera 11.51

You can download it from here: Download

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