Bitdefender Gonzales - Review

The manufacturer claims that Bitdefender Gonzales Antivirus (Beta) is a new concept, completely different from what exists on the market today.

Bitdefender Gonzales - to which ways?

Was natural to wonder to what direction Bitdefender is going with this product, especially I saw that since installing BitDefender Gonzales was atypical: that is installed very quickly, much faster than the rest of the antivirus market.

How do I manage Bitdefender Gonzales?

Finally, after trying to manage it, to understand its interface, I filled the nerves: Bitdefender Gonzales is a product with very few elements of administration. Almost like you can not do anything to change something to him or to settings or to schedule scans, but you only have a few options. So after a few tens of minutes to attempt to explore as much, I searched on the manufacturer's website the features of Bitdefender Gonzales, and since the first page I learned how the manufacturer designed this antivirus product: automatic, fast and silent.

Gonzales Bitdefender - a mobile device interface:
I see it like a mobile antivirus because the interface makes it look like an antivirus for mobile devices: smartphones and tablet category. It is even more simplistic than most manageable security solutions for mobile terminals.

Interface of Bitdefender Gonzales:

- Virus Shield: scans all running in real time, every fil thaet is comming or leaving the PC;
- Auto Scan: Unfortunately you will be unpleasantly surprised to find that scanning the entire PC is not to check only when you want it, and you can't influence / change it in any way (eg automatic scan of my PC happend around 1:00 AM);
- My Bitdefender: you'll see this status after registering on the site producer. I was amazed when I learned that you can log even using Facebook or Google accounts;

Bitdefender Gonzales - Key Features:

- Smart: no configuration needed, however you can not change anything in settings of Bitdefender Gonzales (except start or stop automatic scanning or real-time scanning);
- Optimized: periodically scans your PC without your intervention;
- Fast: avoid antivirus scan files already checkedto reduce the scan time (a few years ago, those from Kaspersky Lab has tested a product designed so, but I don't know if they seelled it anytime);
- Solid: a generalized description of manufacturer that claims it's product uses the latest technology to prevent unknown threats - do not believe it!

Bitdefender Gonzales technologies:

- AutoScan: ie antivirus takes care to regularly scan your PC (manufacturer's description seems silly, considering that all antivirus do this);
- Active Virus Control: it monitors processes in real time (but other antivirus products on the market are doing that);
- Antiphishing: identify and block sites that try to steal confidential data (nothing new);
- Cloud: a kind of synchronization (update) in real time from BitDefender servers and products of this producer.

So about BitDefender Gonzales technologies nothing is new compared to other competitors.

Bitdefender Gonzales System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3 32-bit, Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8;
RAM: 512MB (1GB - recommended);
HDD: 700 MB (1GB - recommended)
Other software:. NET Framework 3, Internet Explorer 7.0.

Download Bitdefender Gonzales


Bitdefender Gonzales Screenshots:

Bitdefender Gonzales

Bitdefender Gonzales - screenshot

Bitdefender video presentation:


It's actually a delusion contest, so I do not put any link:
"Most active tester will receive the prize - a next generation netbook with solar battery (Samsung NC215)."
It means to be crazy to shake yourself for a laptop if you keep in mind the reputation of BitDefender and the benefits it will take from testers.