Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 ( RC 1)

In September was released for download Adobe Flash Player 11. It's true that it is the Release Candidate version!

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player has been designed to provide new functionalities for browsers, even for internet applications, standard or multimedia content that runs on most devices. Some features have been borrowed from Flash palyer incubator, such as 3D Stage 64 bit support.

Adobe Flash Player 11 - Key Features

- Natively supports 64-bit;
- G.711 audio compression (for VoIP);
- H.264/AVC Encoding SW (high repented video);
- Secure Random Number Generator (for native OS APIs);
- Socket Progress Events (data management);
- Accelerated 3D Graphics Rendering Stage;
- JPEG-XR support (to transfer high quality compressed images);
- TLS Secure Sockets Support (for secure communications between client and server).

Adobe Flash Player 11 - what's new?

There have been several security vulnerabilities identified in Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions that could allow an attacker to take control to the affected PC. Another important vulnerability is CVE-2011-2444, by which the user is tricked to click on a link received by a mail message, then the attacker has the possibility through cross-site scripting to log on to sites where the user has accounts . Other updates of Adobe Flash Player 11 aims to solve vulnerabilities: CVE-2011-2426, CVE-2011-2427, CVE-2011-2428, CVE-CVE-2011-2429 and 2011-2430. If you want to know more about them ... search in Google!

Minimum requirements for Adobe Flash Player 11

- X86 processor or at least 2.33 GHz Intel Atom 1.6 GHz;
- OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista or Windows 7;
- Browser: at least Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera 5.0 or 11;
- RAM: at least 128 MB of RAM (1GB RAM recommended);
Graphics: 128 MB memory

Download Adobe Flash Player 11!

Download for Windows 32-bit - IE only
Download for Windows 32-bit All other browsers
Download for Mac OS X 32-bit
Download for Linux 32-bit

Download for Windows 64-bit - IE only
Download for Windows 64-bit All other browsers
Download for Mac OS X 64-bit
Download for Linux 64-bit

Adobe Flash Player 11 Screenshot:

Adobe Flash Player 11

Adobe Flash Player 11 - video review:

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