Babylon 9

Download Babylon 9, the most effective and efficient software in the world, designed for translation.

Babylon 9 is a program that can translate simultaneously in 75 languages ​​and is used by millions of users in over 200 countries worldwide.

What knows to do Babylon 9?

Using the latest version of Babylon you get access to Babylon Translation Live Community, checking and correcting grammar texts, available in several languages, using the human voice, translate web pages and documents, it can be integrated with Microsoft Office, you have access to dictionaries and encyclopedias, etc..

Babylon 9 - Key Features:

- Live Community Translation;
- Can Be Accessed Wikipedia in 25 languages;
- Translations in Over 75 Languages;
- Currencies, World Time Zones and units conversion;
- Instant Web Page and Document translation;
- Integrates into Microsoft Office Spellers;
- One-click Translation;
- More Than 2000 Titles Dictionary;
- Spelling and Proofreading!;

Minimum System Requirements for Babylon 9

- OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7;
- Web Browser: minimum IE 7, Firefox 3, Google Chrome 5;
- At least Microsoft Office 2003;
- At least Adobe Reader 8.0;
- Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium or equivalent;
- RAM: 512 MB RAM;
- HDD: 50 MB free space.

Babylon 9 - license

There are three kinds of paid licenses for Babylon 9: Monthly subscription license, life license and life license + Oxford Dictionary. It is true that there is an option for a free license, but it is limited and temporary (valid for a few days).

Babylon 9 review - or fire test!

My opinion is that Babylon 9 has a lot of work to became an efficient software designed for translation. First it needs to be perfected because translates complex sentences incorrectly.

Google Translate is better... I was personally disappointed about the poor performance of Babylon 9. It is true that at many other chapters Babylon 9 is supreme, but ... do not forget that the main concern that people testing it is ... the translation function.

Download Babylon 9!


Babylon 9 Screenshots:

Babylon 9

Babylon 9 - screenshot

Babylon 9 video demonstration:

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