AVG LinkScanner 2012.1796

With AVG LinkScanner 2012.1796 you can avoid the risk of accessing infected websites with viruses or malware.
AVG LinkScanner 2012.1796

AVG LinkScanner is a program that monitors and checks the site links displayed by search engines, for safer navigation and to avoid inconvenience caused by viruses, especially Trojans, who come into your PC when a web page is loaded. Moreover AVG LinkScanner 2012.1796 checks even content of websites, and even for a single infected page, or a link that send you to a destination or another site that refers to the infected files or malicious software.

AVG LinkScanner features 2012.1796

- Surf-Shield: It scans the websites and their pages beyond the links to which they refer, whenever you want to access through the browser, so it block your access to infected websites;
- Search-Shield: all the people are using search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), so AVG LinkScanner check the sites listed in their results, giving them a rating of reliability (trust), giving you the opportunity to know beforehand what type of sites you enter.

Minimum requirements for AVG LinkScanner!

In general any computer can install AVG LinkScanner, especially that is running in the background and resources consumed in the PC case are minimal.

Download AVG LinkScanner 2012.1796

Download it here: Download

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