Netflix - Review

Ever heard of Netflix? It’s something everyone in the world should have. It is basically an app in the Android Google Play Store that is free. Although to have a membership to actually see the movies and programs they have to offer, you must pay now $8.99, they have just increased it $1 a month more so they can put more shows and movies for us to watch online whenever we want.

Netflix is basically a website or app to watch movies on, let’s say you don’t have an android device, that’s fine, you can watch it online on the official website of Netflix, but you will need to have an internet connection. They offer lots varieties of movies and TV shows to watch in lots of languages depending in what country you are at the moment you are paying.

They do let you try out one month for free just so you can test it out and if you do not like it, then you can cancel and basically lose nothing. Personally, I have one myself on my own Android device with a medium to strong internet connection and I never have any issues with them. You also do not need to worry about paying for 2 accounts for let’s say 2 people, you can pay for one account but inside that account you can make 2,3,4,5, or as many profiles as you like for everyone. It can be watched anywhere from an Xbox, Android device, iPad (and many other tablets), iPhone, Apple iPod, and thousands of other products that we are living on.

Netflix is always updating their systems daily to protect your card information and also do this to provide more shows and movies to watch. Personally, I could go days with only Netflix because they have hundreds or thousands of good movies and shows. If you are looking for a cheap way of watching movies than renting them for $1 a day, think about paying $10 for a month for unlimited everything!

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