AppMgr III (App 2 SD) - Review

In last years, while Android apps incredible increased, more and more smartphones owners encountered a new big problem: they have not enough internal storage memory to install new apps, so, for many times people was constraints to remove some already installed applications to make more free space for the new software they want to use on their gadget.

There are many gadgets that have serious problems from this point of view, and users of Samsung Galaxy S5 or other smartphones with only 16GB or even less internal memory storage are frequently frustrated by this limitation. But... for several years some Android apps was released by many vendors in hope to solve that problem, but most of them have limitations or critical bugs.

What's the best app?

For several years I tested many applications that promised to solve the problem of the available space for apps to be installed into internal memory of smartphones, but only one of these succeeded to fix all my gadget needs, it even improved several functions related to internal storage space.

So, this app was previously known as App 2 SD, and now as AppMgr III, and it will keep you out of troubles and you'll never be worried about the available memory space when you need to install any new Android application. More over, after installing it into your smartphone, AppMgr III will very quickly notify you about existing installed apps that can be moved from the internal memory of device to the microSD card.

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AppMgr III (App 2 SD) - or how to move your installed apps to a microSD card