iTunes - Review

iTunes is an app made by Apple that offers you the possibility to manage, use and store digital video and music on your personal computer.

With iTunes Player you can enjoy many features, like Browse (which allows you to perform many differetd searches in your collections of digital multimedia content), Organize (this feature helps you to manage your files and keep your all collections in one place), Play (that offers you the possiblity to use multimedia files), and Genius feature, that can perform advanced and personalized selections for your multimedia preferences.

iTunes Store is offering almost all multimedia content you could imagine to have in your Apple device, so, you can enjoy by  music, movies, TV shows, books, podacsts, gift cards, and more over, with iCloud feature, you can get anywhere you have an Wi-Fi connection, any multimedia file, also it is offering you many specific functions that will help you in your day to day activities. Also, with the help of iTunes Match, the iCloud can import your entire multimedia collections for less than $25. More over, iTunes combined iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and Aple TV offers inimaginable experiences.

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