ClockworkMod Recovery 1.3

If you need to perform special tasks on the popular smartphone HTC HD2, then you will need ClockworkMod Recovery, also known as CWM.

I'm writing about tasks like installing a new or another mobile operating system, wiping different storage memories or creating many partion formats over an SD card.

Before beginning to install ClockworkMod Recovery, you need to take in consideration that exist three kind of partition sizes: 150MB, 250MB and 400MB. So, you need to carefully select the proper version for the size of your next mobile OS you need to install.

Download ClockworkMod Recovery 1.3

CWM for 150MB Partition
CWM for 250MB Partition
CWM for 400MB Partition

ClockworkMod Recovery screenshot:

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery - video tutorial: