Kaspersky Internet Security for Android - Review

Kaspersky Internet Security is a protection tool for your smartphone, that assures your defense system against malicious software, hackers and all kind of threats.

If you can be sure of something in your life, you can be sure that Kaspersky Internet Security provides ultimate protection against malware as well, it maintains your data confidentiality.


Ensures your data confidentiality: with a single button you can set a person as private, that means that there will not occur recordings of calls and messages from that person.

Tracks down missing (misplaced or stolen) smartphone using, GPS Find function (with a predefined SMS, you can see on Google Maps, where your smartphone is located), at the same time you can remotely block the access, or delete data from your device (also sending a predefined SMS).

Protects your contacts, files or photos, so your data can't be accessed by someone else, providing a high level of security through encryption (which involves password shielded).
Stops undesired calls and SMS (using contacts blacklist).

Parental control- so you can always know where are your children (with GPS Find function), as well you can limit their SMS and calls.

Fights Against Malware: it scans all your files from viruses, locks risky web connections, and provides automatic update.

Key features:

Missing smartphone finder
Privacy Protection
Data Encryption
Parental Control
Anti-theft protection
Anti-Malware Protection


It’s a trial software, so you can use it for 30 days.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security

(from this link you can choose a version designed for a specific OS version, like Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile, or you can install it according your mobile phone model)

Kaspersky Internet Security screenshot:

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