Avira Internet Security Suite 2019 - Review

Avira Internet Security Suite is everything you want and everything you need for your computer security, offering antivirus protection, antispam, firewall file, backup, and even more.

It's very useful tool, because it assures you, secure access on the internet. so you can download files, movies or music, you can do internet banking or online shopping, being assured that you are kept away from malware and that your personal data is kept confidentiality.

Avira Internet Security Suite - Key Features:

- it eliminates and prevents the latest versions of viruses, worms and Trojan fast. with a real-time protection, and you also get a bonus protection through Rootkit Protection, that located the malware which other common viruses miss.

- it allows a carefree internet browsing so you can access your bank account or online investment, you can shop online without fear of identity theft, or of possibility of infiltration of hackers or of online spies and you also get rid of annoying pop-ups, all this with Avira's great features: AntiBot, AntiPhishing and AntiAd /Spyware.

- internet protection is also assured throught a configurable and improved firewall, Web Protection, (which won’t allow you to access infected sites); AntiDrive-by (prevents you to download malicious programs), and AntiSpam filters (it keeps you away from unwanted and phishing emails).

- other great benefits offered by Avira Internet Security Suite are: Backup System (allows the recovery of important data), Rescue System (that jumpstarts your PC), Game Mode (so nothing will bother you while you are playing games or watching movies), Child Protection (to supervise the internet activity of your children).

What's new?

- it comes up with an improvement of all its features, making them more powerful in fighting against malware, with reduced use of computer resources by optimizing System Scan feature, which makes the computer's memory to be loaded only once, (in global initialization of all components) so that re-use and recycling of these components have little impact on PC performance.

- its installation is much easier with the Express Installation and the interface enables rapid configuration to all its options: Computer Scan, Backup, Update, Renewal, firewall, Web and Mail Protection, Child Protection, Game Mode.

- Avira offers technical support by TeamViewer product, that allows secure remote access of Avira's engineers on your computer (by selecting from the Help menu, Live Support option).

- enhanced protection, by: IPv6 support for Firewall, Web and Mail Protection (creates a safe environment, preventing unwanted applications that tries to connect over IPv6), and host file surveillance (for that malicious programs don’t hinder antivirus update).

- it removes incompatible software, so your computer won't be affected in the event that you have installed two security programs.

Minimum Requirements

RAM: 1024 MB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7, 512 MB RAM for Windows XP;
HDD: 150 MB free space;
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows XP with SP3 (just 32-bit), and Windows XP with SP2 (just 64-bit).


You can download and try Avira Internet Security Suite for 30 days before deciding yourself to buy or not this product!

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