Zuma Deluxe

Zuma is one of the most popular ball games, designed to kill your spare time.

This is the latest version of Zuma, the most advanced, most sophisticated and complex version. Very few manage to finish at least all levels.

How do you play Zuma Deluxe?

Simple! You have to fit a ball between at least two balls of the same color. And be careful not to peach. Basically, if you're careful, the game is somewhat easy ...

Play Zuma Deluxe with friends and family

It is contagious! Many people complained that they handle this game all the time, even leave their daily tasks undone because it captures all interest Zuma ... The truth is that Zuma is a very simple but very nice ...

Be careful with Zuma Deluxe!

It's catchy, very catchy! Many first time trying it out of curiosity or simply casuza insistence of friends. Then the nightmare begins: a few days you will etrece with Zuma Deluxe to be busy. And worse: many nights you will not be able to remove the computer that you feel need to play Zuma. Especially this version, which is the most complex to date. So beware of Zuma Deluxe! Do not reproach me that I have not warned ...

The latest version of Zuma Deluxe

Currently this is the last version of Zuma. It is the most complex, is very exciting, is hypnotic and you will not get bored of it no matter how you play it.

Download Zuma Deluxe!


Zuma Deluxe Screenshot:

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe video demonstration:

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