Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a software designed for PCs to run Flash content.

Nowadays there is almost no applications that do not use flash, be it web apicatii whether we limitatm the PC at home.

With the Adobe Flash Player is functionality that you offer a range of graphics faster, higher performance on the device's portable PCs, including the HD clips.

What knows to do Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player provides support for mobile devices, and once with this version, Adobe Flash Player can record a higher performance in terms of graphics smartphones, tablets and mobile phones, because it supports mutitouch, gestures and accelerometer features.

Using Dynamic HTTP Streaming you can find new ways to use media content, benefit security and support for buffer control, real-time events and peer-assisted.

From now on HD content you not raise the same issue disturbing images related to discontinued because it made ​​a major optimization of resource utilization and device-sized portable PCs that use the H.264 codec.

Minimum requirements for Adobe Flash Player

- Intel 2.33GHz processor or equivalent;
- Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2000;
- 128 MB RAM;
- Internet Explorer 6.0;
- Mozilla Firefox 3.0;
- Opera 9.5;
- Google Chrome;
- Safari 4.0;
- 128 MB graphics card memory - so much!

Download Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Flash Player Screenshot:

Adobe Flash Player

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