Yahoo Multi Messenger - the latest version

Everyone knows what is Yahoo Multi Messenger and what is good, so do not go into details.

Why use Yahoo Multi Messenger?

For friends, family, along with girlfriend or boyfriend. Why wait on line to login to a single instance of Yahoo Messenger when you can install YMulti Messenger and have all issues solved?

In the event you have got variouse-mail accounts therefore you pick to own the flexibility to speak with every single in the contacts concurrently, this really is truly the instant messaging aid that you just easily try to seek out. Whilst implementing the traditional configuration, Yahoo Messenger only will enable you to function one unique event over the strategy. Y! Multi Messenger can get rid of that limitation by patching this technique inside of of your somewhat speedy way. All you must to do for undertake is to select the Yahoo Multi Messenger file and click on within the "Enable YMulti" button.

Y! Multi Messenger won't fit fears, because it is created especially towards the most up-to-date Yahoo! Messenger versions. It features an extremely modest executable whose put in place normally usually takes only a few seconds. Also, the interface is practically nothing in anyway quite a bit greater than a simple computer screen that allows you to activate or disable the patch which allows the jogging of numerous YM situations.

Beware with YMulti Messenger!

Here I refer to personal privacy. For example I do not think a couple with secrets would have grounds for separation because the life partner will be surprised because YMulti Messenger will reveal secrets. So use it carefully!

How do I install it?

Download a small file, actually an archive of only 1.16 MB, which will run Install.reg file. That's it!

Download Yahoo Multi Messenger!


YMulti Messenger Screenshot:

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