LPIC-1 course

LPIC-1 course
Finish in a month (I think) CCNA 4, the last training module intended for obtaining CCNA certification. With some Microsoft certifications, plus I'm going to go and network admin, I have, however, a problem sg Linux. I'm a little alien in terms of handling Linux, and that's why I directed the LPIC-1.

LPIC-1: Junior Level Linux Professional

The first LPIC certification program and is intended to certify that the certification that the new owner can handle the command line, install and configure a Linux system, perform simple maintenance tasks (help out users, add users to the Larger system, backup & restore, basic network troubleshooting, shutdown & reboot).

LPIC-1: Romania

Eh ... big trouble here! Where to follow such a course? I turned to Google and found a few offers, and second of all just thanked me (somewhat):

- One can be found at the Academy Credis, cost 450 lei and is close to me (most important). Do not know what the format is, although I hope that at least CCNA modules similar, if not structured video tutorials, as practiced outside of any training company that respects and appreciates his clients;

- The second offer is Infoacademy, costs 780 lei, that must go through two modules of Linux - (I + II composite LINUX) and ... is close to me. So, I have no idea about the format of the course, but I hope it's something as acceptable as the current requirements ...

LPIC-1: Outside

Abroad find more deals, more intelligently structured, easier to go even cheaper:

- From Train Signal (CompTIA Linux +) offer comprises about modules I and II linux from Infoacademy is a bit expensive (297 dollars), but the benefits are as: lessons in several formats (for learning anytime, anywhere ), instructor notes, plus a lot of questions parctica "practical"

- CBT Nuggets to the cost between 199 and 249 USD (depends on your preference) basically is a little more expensive than the Academy Credis, but cheaper than Infoacademy and the benefits are incomparable;

- VTC to find an offer (actually more), which at first glance it cost 79 pounds, but there is the possibility of paying $ 30 per month or $ 250 a year, but have access to all database and here you can take so many courses, some required to obtain certifications for many different hardware and software technologies: CompTIA, Cisco, Autodesk, Java, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.. The courses are well thought out, focuses more on the theory (and therefore be more practical for individual work more), containing short clips (2-8 minutes), which addresses the entire curriculum in all LPIC-1 and accounts for 7.5 hours training video.

LIPC-1: for what I choose?

Well ... considering that in Romania we need paper as fast (as I know and Linux) and for LPIC-1, we need two exams, I will probably make for the eighth course in Bucharest, and between the two proposals is Academy likely to choose cost Credis conceptually. Later in the second half, change plans, for that I will prepare for certification.

LPIC-1: Certification

We must sustain two exams 101 and 102, each certifying certain authorities. Only then you can brag that you own the LPI level 1 certification. Each exam costs $ 160 (yes, it's more), so you need to remove a total of 320 USD in your pocket if you choose to pay online via credit card, PayPal account, etc.. Examinations are held in authorized testing centers (VUE), I chose ProManagement (there are others), I'll pay them for using the card to avoid paying VAT and other additional charges, and for LPIC-2 most likely I bought the package from VTC for the eighth time I'll pay 30 USD / month or ... maybe you buy the course of CBT Nuggets, considering that they focus more on practice (VTC-tends to the theory).

I hope this information will be useful to someone, and towards the end of the article to appear LPIC-2.

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