Free Download Opera Mini 4.1 - the latest version

Opera Mini™ 4.1 is a the fastest web browser designed for mobile devices used in communications: mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and other devices.

I'm using this browser for 9 years, and I'm very impressed by the amount of data traffic that is saved: over 90%. So, via this mobile web browser you'll use only 10% of traffic that most popular mobile web browsers are using normally.

For many people, who are using limited mobile traffic data plans, this browser is gold mine, because they can use the equivalent of up to 900% more traffic than a standard mobile browser can use in the limit of, let's say, 0.5GB, 1GB or 2GB of mobile data traffic.

The massive save of 90% of amount of data traffic is possible via advanced compression algorithms, that are stored and are running on proxy servers. Yes, in case you didn't know, your real IP will be hidden by a proxy server (I would say it's a benefit, while others would concern about their privacy, but... what with so many many surveilance governmental programs running in the world, how could we hope to navigate in total privacy on the internet?).

It's the most popular free web browser that is compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets, no matter what mobile operating system you're using.

Free Download Opera Mini 4.1 - the latest version (please select your phone):