Free Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0 - the latest version

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0 - the latest versionMozilla Firefox 3.0, the latest version, has beend under development for the past 34 months, it's based on Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, include more than 15,000 improvements that resulting in a more easier to use, secure, faster, and smarter than ever before.
Its main features
: top news (Password Manager, One-Click Bookmarking, Improved Performance, Smart Location Bar, Instant Web Site ID, Full Zoom, Platform-Native Look and Feel), personal (Library, Tags, Smart Location Bar, One-Click Bookmarking, Smart Bookmark Folders), Security and Privacy (Instant Web Site ID, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing, Parental Controls, Anti-Virus Software, Add-ons, Password Manager, Clear Private Data, Customized Security Settings, Automated Update, Pop-Up Blocker), Customization (Add-ons Manager, Browser Look and Feel, Beyond Add-ons), Productivity (Platform-Native Look & Feel, Feed Reader, Download Manager,Spell Checking, Session Restore, Full Zoom, Image Loading), Search (Smart Keywords, Search Suggestions, Integrated Web Search, Hundreds of Search Engines, Find), Tabs (Tabs, Reopen Closed Tabs, Drag & Reorder Tabs, Smooth Scrolling), Universal Access (Universal Customization, The Language of Firefox, Emphasis on Accessibility, Improved Text Rendering), Performance ( Improved Memory Management, Faster JavaScript, Smaller Memory Footprint, Faster Page Load, Graphics Engine Improvements), Standards (Advanced Graphics, Online Application Support, Support for Advanced Web Technologies, Color Profile Support, Offline Browsing), Help (Live Support and Firefox Support). Free Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0 - the latest version.

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