Media Jukebox - Review

Media Jukebox is a powerful media player which won't seem astonishing, but its performance surely will satisfy all your needs.

Media Jukebox is a versatile tool that allows, among others: the organization of your media content, synchronization with mobile devices such as iPods and some phones, rip and burn abilities and even more.

Media Jukebox - Key Features:

Media Jukebox is an advanced tool of collecting and organizing all your media files, allowing the playback of a whole category of multimedia formats in order to don't have trouble watching them. At the same time you possess the best sound settings (such as: equalizer, effects, volume leveling) for the best sonority that you've ever had.

The library feature, the ultimate organizational tool, allows you to create limitless playlists and smartlists, also you get the View Schemes so you to have the aspect that you want.

Media Jukebox encodes multiple media files such as WMA, OGG, APE and FLAC, as well it syncs to iPods, PlaysForSure Devices, and several phones and last but not least, you benefit of ripping and burning abilities.

What's new in Media Jukebox?

The brand-new Download Manager tool offers an easier way to download music from the internet, as well, it repaired: Library Manager didn't permit conceiving a new library entry that pointed to an existing library.


Media Jukebox is licensed as freeware.

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Media Jukebox screenshots:

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