How to detect a bomb with a mobile phone

Did you know that most bombs, trap packages, plant explosives, antitank and antipersonnel mines can be detected with an ordinary mobile phone?

Usually simple things have a huge innovative potential and considering the hundreds of thousands of applications created for mobile phones, no matter how simple it is, some of which may be multifunctional.

Principle of operation

Such applications, which can provide clues that you are dealing with a bomb, antipersonnel mines, etc. are those programs that can use the magnetic field sensors. There are many applications of this kind, and most are used to detect metal. The principle of operation depends on the natural values ​​of the magnetic field and the fact that they change near the metal. Electronic equipment can also influence these values ​​through electromagnetic waves.

In time of war:

Mobile phones have become an accessory widespread even among soldiers on the battlefield, often known as a very dangerous area. It is not difficult to imagine how a phone can be used to detect metal or electronic equipment that accompanies a bomb detonator.

For civilians:

How many times have you seen at television news that trap packages exploded? It is true that officials are usually covered, but if you have suspicions about a package that you just received by mail, or you found in front of the house, near the car, etc, why not check it with your mobile phone about the magnetic field disturbance made by metal or electronic devices that can be dangerous in the end?


Here are some programs that can be downloaded and used:
- for Android: Metal Detector, Micro Metal Detector, Magnet-O-Meter Metal Detector, etc.
- for iPhone: Metal Detector for 3GS/4
- for Windows Mobile phones: Metal Detector

A few screenshots of softwares described:

detect a bomb with a mobile phone
how to detect a bomb with a mobile phone