Chrome Remote Desktop BETA - version 1.2.20109.8300

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA version 1.2.20109.8300 is a browser extension for Google Chrome, which once installed allows remote access to another computer using the browser.

With Chrome Remote Desktop BETA you can get remote access from a PC to another through Google Chrome or Chromebook.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA - is unique

The strength of this concept of a PC remote control is to ease and speed of access on a remote device even located to hundreds of miles away. It's a revolutionary idea considering the minimum knowledge required.

However do not expect too much functionality or an exceptional performance! Chrome Remote Desktop is currently in beta, and it's released to be downloaded, installed and receiving feedback from users to improve this software.

Minimum requirements for Chrome Remote Desktop BETA

Fortunately, this extension is cross-platform, so you can connect without problems on any computer that has installed and turned on the browser Google Chrome, and remote control works even on different operating systems: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop BETA


* remember that Chrome Remote Desktop requires TCP connections on next ports: 443 and 5222.

Chrome Remote Desktop Screenshots:

Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote Desktop - screenshot

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