Mozilla Firefox 5.0

Here are the Firefox and reached version 5.0 in less than half a year after release in April. Available in over 70 languages​​, Firefox 5 welcomes you with a new look plus some exciting new features.

What's New in Mozilla Firefox 5?

First ensure easy navigation through your a smart bar, which offers a faster way to access your favorite sites. Secondly, one can observe a superior performance by providing almost instantaneous start-up of the browser, provided by using a fast JavaScript engine. Direct2D, Direct3D and graphics WebGL offers a much improved experience compared to previous versions of Mozilla Firefox, developers also have the possibility to create games, animations and experiments for the Web. Also, unexpected termination of the modules like Adobe Flash, QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight, Firefox 5 to cope smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted navigation.

How secure is Firefox 5.0?

Mozilla Firefox 5 in security comes with several improvements, including court identification of sites, private browsing, removal attempts behavioral tracking, integration with antivirus programs, anti-phishing and anti-malware, parental control, secure updates detection of outdated modules, etc..

Download Mozilla Firefox 5

You can download it free here!

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