AVG 2011 Antivirus Free Edition

AVG 2011 Antivirus Free Edition - the latest version

More than 110 millions people use AVG security solutions. With AVG 2011 Antivirus Free Edition you can protect your basic online activities and the latest version arrives with features like surfing and searching with confidence AVG LinkScanner's® real-time protection, enhanced protection on social networks, faster running PC AVG Smart Scanning works while you're not useing the PC and it runs in low-priority mode, you are informed with the latest threats from the AVG Community Network.

Why use AVG 2011 Antivirus Free Edition?

Because you can surf and search in confidence, stay protected on social networks, use the fastest antivirus running on PCs, you cand enjoy by intelligent scanning with AVG Smart Scanning and you can stay up-to-date with the latest virus signatures.

Download AVG 2011 Antivirus Free Edition!

You can get it freet from here Download!

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